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Great DVD 4 product stars
"When I bought this dvd I was probably a 0 on the flexibility scale and at first found it very disheartening that there wasnt any variations for beginners And Alethea makes it look so so easy. After realising the more I do the better I get I started to love the DVD! its broken down into sections which is great with a free dance at the end. My only issue is that I love to hold my stretches for a long time and the stretching (especially backs) was just a little short for me so had to pause. All in all I would recommend the DVD! just purchased floor work and wanting to buy pure splits soon :)" Lil - 25/05/2014
Not totally satisfied 3 product stars
"The DVD has good tools for flexibility training but also some problems as a workout partner. In some positions it's too fast and I feel the need to pause the dvd frequently. I have a pole at home but if I want to take it on vacation, the fact that there are exercises with the pole is a limitation. Also the sound is not always in sync with the image. There should be sound instructions when our head is supposed to be down so we don't have to be looking at the screen all the time. I don'd like the music very much but that's my personal taste. Alethea is too quiet and not so motivating." Catarina - 22/08/2013
Not so stretchy yet 5 product stars
"Have been sing this DVD for a while now, and find it really useful as not only does she provide you with a great warm up, which you can do as a stand alone, there are exercises you can do without the pole, then some that the pole is required, so on non pole nights, if you are like me and have to take it down so the family can sit in the front room, then its ideal. I have even tried doing some of the stretches that she uses the pole for with furniture, (some success with some , not others -you'll see when you get it !) Great section with stretches that increase flexibility but would look good in a routine and it would not be complete without the Alethea Kick, and then a free dance routine to finish. All in all a great DVD, it does have some beginner variations for the advanced stretches, and the only thing I could say as someone who is a 1/10 on the flexy scale, I would have likes more variations, but her instruction makes sure you are not disheartened!!! Enjoy!!" fiona Cae - 05/11/2012
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