Stickum - Grip Spray

Stickum - Grip Spray

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Stickum is often described as "super glue for the body" and can be used on your hands or anywhere else on your skin, you will truly be astonished how easily you can nail a difficult move with the great grip you get from this product which totally eliminates slipping.  Great for holding a pose during your photoshoot while your photographer lines up the shot.

A quick squirt of this magic stuff on your hands or any other part of your body that will be in contact with the pole is all you need - Excellent for knee holds or the Teddy pose.  


Can be used safely with all dance pole finishes - Chrome, stainless steel, titanium coated or brass.
Stickum can be refreshed with a little water, won't stain fabric and is easily removed with soap.

Please note this is an aerosol can and cannot be sent internationally 

Stickum Spray is widely used in other sports but is one of pole dancing's best kept secrets. A 4oz aerosol can lasts and lasts - Try it today!

We recommend our Pole Preener for cleaning your pole after using any brand of grip aid. Add some to your order below.

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Great product! 5 product stars
"It really is like super glue for the pole! I use it on my stomach and ankles and it locks me on like nothing else, LOVE!" Lorien - 21/01/2016
Its Pole Glue!! 5 product stars
"Did someone say EXTREME GRIP?!?!?! It really is the super glue of pole world!!" Meg Smith - 04/03/2015
Magical! 5 product stars
"This stuff is magic! Usually I can only grip the pole long enough for a few strides of my moonwalk, but with this stuuf I stick up there way longer! Definitely be spreading the word at the studio!" Issy Townley - 10/05/2014
I'm Stuck!! ;) 5 product stars
"Stickum is fantastic! Especially for trying new, tricky moves which can't afford even a teeny tiny slip! I gave everyone in my class a spray and it really did 'stickum' to the pole ;)" Abi - 19/10/2013
Amazing stuff 5 product stars
"Stickum is amazing stuff the extra stick I get from it gives me the confidence I need to try advanced tricks :) wouldn't be without it now" Becky - 20/08/2013
Superglur! 5 product stars
"This product is literally like pole superglue! Absolutely amazing if you are trying to master a tricky move. I have also been using it whilst breaking-in a pole as it's quite slippy because it's new. Love it! I'm going to take this to class and show the other girls how great it is!" Kayley - 19/04/2013

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