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When you're twirling and inverting the last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction!

This handy product will make sure all your clothes and other accessories stay firmly in place avoiding any potential disasters - you can be sure the audience won't get a glimpse of anything they shouldn't.

This is especially handy if you're competing as giving the judges an accidental flash could see you disqualified from a pole competition and it's also perfect for attaching crystals and decorations to your body.

Simply apply to your skin with the handy roll-on applicator and your clothes and accessories won't budge an inch.

Stops tights and stockings sagging, keeps masks and strapless bras from slipping - dries invisible and stays flexible to move with your skin.

Safe to use on all skin types, won't stain or damage your clothing and easily removed with soap and water. 
10ml is sufficient to keep everything in place for several occasions.
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AMAZING 5 product stars
"just before having to go on to comepete in the Miss Pole Semi Pro Instructors i was extreamly paraniod about a 'costume malfunction'! However, this roll on glue stuck the costume well in place so my nip nip were definatly not going to be poping out! Soo grateful! Absolutly amazing!" Shannon Chiverton - 23/07/2012

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