RipFix: heal hurt hands & feet

RipFix: heal hurt hands & feet

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Fantastic new product for polers who go hard not home! 

If you've got calluses on your hands then you should grab a little pot of this magic! Use daily to help prevent calluses from tearing or to repair skin that is already broken or torn. If you've volunteered to clean the poles at an event this could be your saviour!  RipFix can also be used to heal new tattoos quickly.

RipFix is a blend of ingredients including camphor and beeswax that cures your ruined hands.  It takes the sting out of torn skin and cuts immediately and promotes super-fast healing so you can get back on the pole sooner. 

Use it on your feet as well as hands, this product is great for hoop and silks too... and gymnastics, weights and crossfit! 

RipFix relieves:
Hand tears
Bar Rips
Dry/Cracked Skin
Chapped Lips
Burs, Cuts & Scrapes
Sore Pole Feet!
£9.99 inc. tax

Customer Reviews

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Works miracles! 5 product stars
"Love this stuff! Healed my popped blisters within a day and back on the pole again, great size to pop into your hand bag aswell. Quick delivery cheapest place to buy :)" Amy - 23/05/2016
WOW!!! 5 product stars
"This product is so helpful, i'm taking it with me in my bag everywhere. I like the good smell and the good effect on your skin." LM - 26/08/2015
Amazing! 5 product stars
"I bought this as I was fed up of having really sore, dry and broken skin on my hands after my pole class each week. I must admit I wasn't expecting much but it really does work! I kept applying it regularly through the day and at night to the affected areas and within a few days the broken skin had healed and my hands were no longer sore. I always make sure this is in my bag now!" Tania S - 23/05/2015

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