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Fantastic 5 product stars
"I was looking for a cleaning product which is friendlier than the chemical-filled window cleaners I have previously used at my studio, when I came across this. This product does everything I wanted it to! It goes a long way, takes the grease and product off my pole (including extra strength itac!) and it is even helping to get rid of the slick on my new pole. So pleased with it. It arrived very quickly too!" Hannah - 21/07/2016
Pole preener 5 product stars
"got the 100ml bottle and used it twice. I have a brass x pole and it gets chalk off really well without leaving marks on the pole or affecting the grip. I have sensitive skin and it hasn't flared any allergic reactions either. Double win!!!" Theo - 17/04/2016
Very good product! 5 product stars
"Like it very much. Great solution for the cleaning issue." LM - 26/08/2015
Brilliant! 5 product stars
"This stuff is fantastic! Even gets dried on stickem off! Brilliant stuff." Vicky E - 19/07/2015
Perfect!! 5 product stars
"Does everything it says. Perfect!! In fact i need some more......" Meg Smith - 04/03/2015
woooo! 5 product stars
"This works really well! love it, love it, love it!!!" Abi Scotton - 28/12/2014
Happy!!! 5 product stars
"Even after 18months of trying all sorts of cleaning methods and grip aids I was still in able to do anything on my xpole due to always slipping off! People kept saying it just needs more use... How can you use something you can't keep hold of?!! I was getting so frustrated so I thought I'd give pole preener a go. Thank goodness I did I can finally with no dry hands on use my pole without landing on my head. Wish I'd got a larger size will definitely invest and recommend to my studio too. Thanks for fast delivery too:-)" Cariad - 24/06/2014
When all else fails... 5 product stars
"Brilliant product. I have such a greasy pole but not anymore. So clean, shiny and non-slippy. I will be stockingup again at the next pole comp." Alison Kozary - 10/02/2014
Excellent 5 product stars
"My first time ordering from everything pole dancing and had a great experience! Product works amazing, everything it's supposed to be! Arrived on the date it was supposed to. Will be ordering all my products from here. I really like the profits stay in the pole community!" Aimee Pemberton - 08/09/2013
Cleans well 4 product stars
"This cleans my pole really well and gives good grip too the only slight problem with it is that it doesn't remove the stickum grip aid" Becky - 20/08/2013
Excellent 5 product stars
"Yesterday I cleaned my pole with vodka as recommended. Yes it took the sticky off and made it look clean but I couldn't hold hardly any moves on it. I forgot I'd bought a trial bottle of Pole Preener. I used it today and ran my advanced routine through from start to finish 3 times. What a result. I will definitely be purchasing a full size bottle. The best thing ever for new X-poles. It's fabulous :)" Tracey Adcock - 25/06/2013
Excellent 5 product stars
"This is a great product that cleans the pole better than anything else and the most important thing is that it leaves a perfect grip on the pole! I recommend this product to every pole dancer who respects herself!" Kelly - 02/03/2013
Can pole once again 5 product stars
"I brought pole preener as the various cleaners people were using were aggravating my skin so much I was thinking about having to stop! Now I take my bottle of this everywhere with me and I love that the pole is clean and my skin has been fine since I started using pole preener! Thank you for saving my love of pole." Whitney - 03/12/2012
Pole Preener 5 product stars
"LOVE Pole Preener - received my second bottle today and nothing else seems to get greasy, sweaty finger marks, skin, stickum or itac off my poles quite as easily! I also have very dry and extremely sensitive skin so I love that this contains no harsh chemicals, and anything that actually cleans rather than just 'wipes away the dirt' is a plus in my book. I can find it hard to grip to a freshly cleaned pole thanks to the dry skin, but pole preener seems to leave things with a lot more grip than usual. I've also bought the trial sized spray so I can pop it in my bag and take it with me whenever I train somewhere else :). My only gripe is that the pump on my previous bottle gave up pretty soon into use despite rinsing and soaking. Hopefully that was just a dudd as having to keep unscrewing the cap led to more than a few leaks! However, the bottle did still last for ages! :)" Cheryl Garniss - 13/10/2012
Pole preener 5 product stars
"My pole is in my front room and people touch or play on all every day even my cat wraps herself round the bottom of it. I have tried everything to clean it and make it less slippy but nothing as worked that well untill now. This stuff is great I just wish I had got a bigger bottle." Trudy - 16/06/2012
Pole Preener 5 product stars
"I bought this product after trying many things from soapy cloths to vodka! I can definitley recommend it and use it on my home pole before every workout. It cleans and gets rid of any grip build up but does not leave the pole slippy. A must purchase at a great price." Sue - 10/06/2012
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