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LUPIT POLE GRIP is an innovative new solution exclusively designed for pole dance using NANO-technology for the best grip.

This clever double-sided pillow solves the problem of wet, sweating hands causing your grip to slip on the pole and can also be used to treat the surface of your dance pole for better grip by increasing the friction on the surface.

Use the pink side of the pillow to apply grip to your hands (or other body part) 
Use the black side of the pillow to clean and treat your pole.

This handy, flat pillow measures 12 x 12 cm so it's perfect to pop in your handbag.

Manufacturers say this revolutionary new grip lasts longer than any other and causes your skin to burn less when performing drops and tricks.

Lupit grip works with all pole coatings: stainless steel, chrome, brass and powder coating.

Hi-tech hydrophobic nano substance on the pink side keeps the sweat away from the pole and hands.

We recommend that you keep 2 or 3 different types of grip in your pole bag as your skin will change according to the weather conditions and type of pole you're dancing on.  Try Dew Point or Embrace for dry skin, Stickum for extra secure grip and Dirty Girl Poletice for very sweaty hands.

For cleaning your pole we recommend our natural cleaner POLE PREENER! Add some to your order below.

Click here to purchase a sample pack of 5 different grip aids so you can test them all.
£12.99 inc. tax

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Excellent! 5 product stars
"Best grip I've tried." Albena Krasteva - 31/03/2017
Brilliant grip 5 product stars
"About to order another. This grip is brilliant" Yvonne - 13/08/2015

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