Floorwork Knee Pads

Floorwork Knee Pads

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Protect your knees whilst practicing your floorwork with these soft flexible pads from dancewear specialist Capezio.

Available in 3 sizes : small, medium and large. 

Size Description
small 24-27cm circumference / 21cm length
medium 26-29cm circumference / 22cm length
large 30cm & over circumference / 24 length

We also stock the new Liquid Motion kneepads with grip at the back and a larger hole behind the knee making it easier to transition from the floor to your pole and back again - CLICK HERE to choose these instead.

Why not add a pair of Legwarmers to your order as well? They're are an essential part of a dancer's wardrobe, not only do they look sexy they also allow the wearer to warm up their muscles faster, achieve greater flexibility and reduce the chance of injury.  

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£12.00 inc. tax

Customer Reviews

6 review(s) posted (write review)
Very comfy and well padded 5 product stars
"I bought these around 2 weeks ago and have used them 3 times already. I wasn't sure on the sizing and got a large (I'm 5ft6 and a size 12 to 14) and they fit really well. A great price and I'm super happy with them." Dani - 11/09/2016
Perfect for floor work and twerk classes 5 product stars
"Lovely and soft. I ordered size M and they fit perfectly. Deffinitely recommend if you practice floor work withing your pole classes" Katarina Hromnikova - 18/04/2016
Great comfort, perfect for floorwork 5 product stars
"Bought these a couple weeks ago when I started taking choreo classes, because they used to leave bruises and little burns during floorwork even when I was wearing leggings. They're super comfy and absorb very well the 'shock' from always kneeling down, slidding on the floor etc... without compromising your flexibilty. Love them!" Gaelane - 19/03/2016
Love them! 5 product stars
"I bought these a month or so ago, and I absolutely love them! I use mine both when I practice floorwork and when I strecth and nothing hurts anymore. I don't get bruises on my knees anymore and they are so comfortable! Every poledancer should one a pair!!" Kathrine - 20/01/2016
Floorwork without the pain 5 product stars
"I've been learning more floorwork recently but soon realised my knees couldn't take the abuse. These are a life saver for anyone fish flopping, floor twerking or generally rolling around on the floor like a vixen. Only thing that would make them better is if they were leopard print!" Gilly - 05/04/2015
No more bruises!! 5 product stars
"Absolutely just what i needed!! Floorwork has just become 100x easier. Comfy and just right for what i need them for!! Highly recommend!! And as always extra speedy delivery! I can see very quickly them being something i cant be with out. A floor work lovers must have 3 3" Just what i needed!! - 04/03/2015

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