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This brand new packaging means your favourite iTac2 grip is now even easier to apply! 

Itac2 repels water, it's not tacky and can be easily applied to your hands or any part of your body with the twist up stick.  The new 12g stick is a more convenient size to carry in your bag or pocket.

Made from organic Australian beeswax iTac2 is recommended by champions Alethea Austin, Karol Helms and Mina Mortezaie, iTac won't transfer to your clothes or leave white marks. 

Beeswax is a natural product which has been used in cosmetics and skin care for centuries and will condition your skin leaving your hands feeling soft, plus it is hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types.  (Not vegan-friendly!)

Choose regular strength or try extra strength for those days when you need more grip.

To clean your pole we recommend Pole Preener - 100% natural, anti-microbial cleaner specially formulated for dance poles.  Add some to your order below. 

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Brilliant Grip 5 product stars
"This is a brilliant grip for behind the knees and elbows. I find it works best with just a little dab and then rub in for a few seconds. The heat seems to help the strength of the grip. I do use it on my hands too although it is not perhaps as grippy here, especially if your palms sweat. Makes it great for spins which need a little extra however. If you combine this with Dry Hands it works really well! I find it washes off easily and is long lasting, a little goes a long way! I've had mine for over 6 months and it's still going strong." Kate Green - 30/03/2017
This stuff is GRIPPY!! 5 product stars
"Took a little while to get these sticks (Had to ship to USA with weather delays big deal), but it was worth the weight. I ordered one regular and one ultra grip stick. I tried the ultra right away, because my legs are slippery as satin sheets on the pole. I only had to dab the stick in a few places, then rub it around a little, and instant grip kicked in. After a couple of minutes, it actually got just a bit grippier. It wasn't greasy or heavy. And when it was time to wash off, it came off easily with basic bath soap and water. No scrubbing needed. When it combined with Dry Hands on my palms, I got a level of grip that was nearly that of a tree frog! I was able to grip securely, but my hands were still able to slide easily when needed. It's got a very light scent to it that's really nice, and it seemed to also help with some of the skin irritation that I normally get behind my knees gripping the pole. Still got a bit sore, but the skin was nicely conditioned and not as badly chafed, since you're not slipping all over the place and pulling the skin as badly. I'm definitely going to keep ordering this as needed, and will be trying to convince my studio to purchase wholesale, so that we always have some on hand. ABSOLUTELY 5 STARS!!" Gennifer Kinman - 11/02/2016

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