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Fly around and stick to your pole like a bee!

This handy pot of organic Australian beeswax can be applied direct to your hands or any other part of your body to improve your grip on the pole.  

Recommended by champions Alethea Austin, Karol Helms and Mina Mortezaie, iTac won't transfer to your clothes or leave white marks. 

Itac2 repels water, it's not tacky and can be used on any part of the body - use sparingly, a little goes  a long way.

Beeswax is a natural product which has been used in cosmetics and skin care for centuries and will condition your skin leaving your hands feeling soft, plus it is hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. 

Supplied in a 45g tub - regular strength and extra strength available. 

Why not try NEW iTac2 StickIT? The same great product supplied in a smaller, more convenient size twist up stick that's easier to apply without any wastage and a handy size to slip into your pocket or handbag. CLICK HERE

To clean your pole we recommend Pole Preener - 100% natural, anti-microbial cleaner specially formulated for dance poles.  Add some to your order below. 

Not sure what grip to buy? Try our exclusive grip sample pack to test 5 different products.
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Customer Reviews

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Amazing! 5 product stars
"I've never used grip before but for more advanced tricks where you really need to stick its perfect. The only downside is that for static pole once its on your hands it can make it very hard to do spins properly. Otherwise cannot fault it :)" Molly Thiselton - 17/01/2016
In winter i wouldn't be with out! 5 product stars
"I use it on my legs in winter when they get dry and get a perfect grip... not to much not to little. I personal winter must have!" Meg Smith - 04/03/2015
AMAZING!! 5 product stars
"Purchased this and another product (dry hands) at the same time, ordered on the 23rd afternoon,payed for the normal standard delivery and they arrived early on the 24th, absolutely fantastic delivery service! so happy with both products and super excited to try different moves with them :) x" Sadie - 24/04/2014
Reassuringly Squeeky 5 product stars
"Love this product, don't use it on my hands, just on the other body contact parts (e.g. under arms and inside thighs etc) - I find that I get a satisfying squeek of a sticking noise when getting in and out of moves :-)" George - 30/10/2013
Abit disappointed 3 product stars
"Lots of people had good experience with ITAC2 except me. it does stick on me for few seconds's but the moment i start poling my hands getting sweaty. Not sure why does this happen for me! Maybe because of the humidity as i live in country where the weather is 40'C - 50'C so the AC in my room is on & off Maybe i should try it in winter days but still not sure cuz our winter is from 20 to 30 sometimes it reach 15 :)" Nusa - 27/10/2013
Great !! 5 product stars
"Really helpful for my slippery pole ! i can now pole dance an hour without problems ! thanks !" DASKE Ariel - 21/10/2013
Buzzin' 5 product stars
"I spent ages trying to find a wax for my very slippery, sensitive skin. This stuff is fabulous!! At its best when used for pole tricks - it's a tad on the sticky side for practicing spins. So far it's the only grip I've found that; 1) sticks me to the pole, 2) is organic and 3) my skin loves!" Hayley - 19/10/2013
Super sticky. 5 product stars
"Perfect for super sticky legs, always use it when learning something new. On top of that sent me free samples when they had run out and promptly sent me a pot when they were back in stock, thanks! x" Bex Smith - 28/09/2013
iTAc 5 product stars
"Provides a strong grip, very good. Love it!" Anita Boratko - 27/06/2013
Fab 5 product stars
"I wouldn't be without iTac. I love it for knee holds. Just put a small amount at the back of the knee. 100% reliable grip aid :) lasts forever." Tracey Adcock - 25/06/2013

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