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"Which grip should I use?" is one of the most frequently asked questions but what works for someone else may not suit your skin type, pole finish or the weather conditions in your location.

Now you can try before you buy with our grip sample pack which contains enough for at least three applications of FIVE different products from the following selection so you can give each product a thorough trial.  
An ideal gift for someone just starting pole dancing.  Please note the picture of the grip bottles is for illustration of the brands only - the test tubes, pots and sachets you receive will be unbranded but will contain between 5ml and 20ml of each product, enough for you to thoroughly test it as you need only a tiny amount of each.

To clean your pole we recommend Pole Preener - 100% natural, anti-bacterial pole cleaner that's safe to use on all poles and your mats or mirrors too. 

Want to save money and use less grip product? Try improving your hand strength with our Hand Exerciser, the only one that strengthens the muscles on both sides of you hand.
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Very useful! 5 product stars
"I'm so grateful for this! I was using the differents grips in my pack in all this time and now I know which grip is better for me and which ones less, not just for the brands, but for the components or type of grip. And I'm so glad for having tried the Carpe Lotion too. This pack is very useful." Tamara Enriquez - 23/01/2018
Great for choosing the right grip 4 product stars
"A lot of the girls in the studio use the same grip but unfortunately it didn't work for me. As I had no idea what grips to buy I tried this sampling pack and found the best grip for me.. I highly recommend for anyone starting out pole. I did think that the pack contained all of the grips and was a little disappointed when only a random selection arrived (my fault as I did not read the information properly) but the volumes of each sample is pretty good." Kaitlin - 31/03/2017
Great for choosing the right grip 4 product stars
"A lot of the girls in the studio use the same grip but unfortunately it didn't work for me. As I had no idea what grips to buy I tried this sampling pack and found the best grip for me.. I highly recommend for anyone starting out pole. I did think that the pack contained all of the grips and was a little disappointed when only a random selection arrived but the volumes of each sample is pretty good." Kaitlin - 31/03/2017
Highly Recommended!! 5 product stars
"I bought this pack 6 weeks ago, it has to be one of my best pole purchases for a while! Unfortunately I get super dry skin, so standard liquid chalk does not work well with me, and this was all I ever really knew about as it's all my studio supply. I'd been learning some super advanced moves and felt I needed to get some extra grip, that wasn't going to make my snake skin shed....after looking on the website, the sample pack seemed like the best solution. Instead of paying 10 for a grip and finding it didn't work, I wisely spent that 10 being able to test a load of grips! In my pack I got iTac2, Girlie grip, Carpe lotion, Embrace spray on moisturiser, Mighty grip, Liquid grip. They're minis - kind of the size you'd get from a beauty counter when you ask for a sample foundation - but they go a really long way - with all the grips I tried you only needed a tiny bit! I found holding it on your hand so it was air tight, tipping, moving to 1 other point, and tipping again was the perfect amount. I actually have some left of most of the grips - even my favourite ones! I had been training for a competition, which was a really ideal situation to have a variety of grips, obviously your skin is never the same every day, I had really dry days, slightly sticky days, other days where the studio was boiling and I actually started to get clammy, and normal days. Being able to try out all the grips meant I knew exactly which one I needed come competition day when the nerves were making my hands slightly clammy! In the end my favourite ones were Carpe lotion - for the slightly clammy days, girlie grip - this stuff is insane - and will probably be my new regular, and the embrace scary - this really helped to tackle my dry legs, and give me some non oily moisture to stick to the pole with! I could not recommend this highly enough to anyone, whether you're a newbie to pole - don't just stick with what's provided, you'll probably find a different grip works a lot better for you, allowing you to pick up moves quicker, and be able to hold the for longer, or an expert poler - in which case you probably don't need convincing on why it's important to find the right grip for you! In which case you just need convincing on the value for money, which for this I'd say it's 100% worth it!" Kate Parker - 07/03/2016
Perfect to test! 5 product stars
"I love this Kit! perfect for someone who is fairly new to grip aids! As a Climber I only ever used chalk! Now I have a selection of products for both climbing and pole! I like how if I'm having a bit of a sweaty day, or need extra help with a new tricky move I can try a few different products to see what works for me! Thanks to this selection I know my instructors favorite product (Dry Hands-which is perfect for her) does not work for me but there are a couple that do! Soon I will have tried them all and be ready to order whichever is best (so far it's itac!). In my sample I received Dry hands, itac, dirty girl poltice, liquid grip, girlie grip and pole honey. My advice is to try each more than once. Sometimes if you are a bit ill or there's something on the pole these products might not work as you expect! Also ask your instructor what you can use! Some don't let beginners use it because they can rely on it too much, others have products they don't like - mine hates mine hates liquid chalk for example! This selection is great for anyone who needs a bit of help with grip but is unsure what to use! Thanks everything pole dancing!" Lauren - 27/02/2016
Great tester 5 product stars
"Great to be able to test out the different grip aids without having to buy a large size of everything. There's enough of each type in there to be able to get a good idea of if they'll work for you or not as well as a good variety of the different types. I'd definitely recommend this to someone who isn't sure what grip product suits them :)" Ser - 21/01/2016
great teaser 5 product stars
"Good to try all of them and find out what works best unfortunately for me nothing I have tried so far seems to work. It may be beginner nerves though." Lynne H - 20/01/2016
perfect idea! 5 product stars
"I find it perfect: here is the possibility to try the different kind of grips in order to understand which is better for the pole/season/person." Myriam - 20/01/2016
Great! 5 product stars
"Wonderful and helpful idea! very useful." LM - 26/08/2015
Brilliant pack 5 product stars
"Could not wait for this to arrive...needed to try different grips before purchasing a larger size. I was excited to see that the package actually contained 6 samples! I had iTac2, Gorilla Gold, Mighty Grip, Liquid Grip, Embrace spray and Dirty Girl Poletice. Personally I found the Embrace spray brilliant for all over body use, iTac2 I applied with a cloth to backs of knees, elbows and thighs which also worked really well for me, Liquid Grip was great for my hands. I have now just purchased a full size product of each of these 3 today - can't wait for them to arrive! Thank you!!" Yunj - 22/05/2015
Genius Idea!! 5 product stars
"Sooo many times i hear of people asking which grips to use. And as most of us know no one can tell you as we all differ so very much. This 5 grip aid samples are what every poler trying to get a little stick needs. Samples are more than generous in size and i got lots of applications out of each one.... Highly recommend and as always super fast delivery!" Meg Smith - 04/03/2015
Great tester kit 5 product stars
"Pack arrived very quick to Ireland and went down a storm with the girls at my Pole Studio. I'm a fan of Dry Hands but this perfect for test running other brands such as itac2 which are tricky enough to get here. Samples are generous, loved trying the Liquid Grip for climbing etc and itac2 for tricky statics such as Sailor Moon and aerial stag. Will invest in standard size in both. Fantastic website and very good experience so i'll be back to shop. I've my eye on a pair of boots!" Karen - 28/10/2014
Perfect 5 product stars
"Just started doing pole, and been having a little trouble with grip. So with these lovely little goodies I will see what suits me. Along with this I also purchased the handmaster. Love both these products.. Go get them. !!! Thank you Ps. Also very helpful team for any info. :0) x" Angie - 29/01/2014
great help! 5 product stars
"I was waiting to test them all to find out which one is the best for me! All of them were great though :)" Lenka - 25/11/2013
:D 5 product stars
"i love the samples , very good idea. it made me know what exactly grip works for me :) thanks alot" Nusa - 27/10/2013
handy! 5 product stars
"so this took a little time to arrive which made me even more eager to test ride them! To my delight there was 6 little samplers which had me beaming. Defiantly what i needed to help me figure out which grip was best suited to me! plus they are perfect hand bag size for any urban pole may it arise! Over the moon.909" Poppy - 23/10/2013
Ideally to find the individual Grip product! 5 product stars
"A well put together choice the most current Grip product. Here one can test which one will love without having to buy first a "big" packet. Small and handily! I have still nowhere seen a such excellently collection. Greetings from Germany!" Jaqueline Wegewitz - 19/10/2013
Just what I needed! 5 product stars
"The grip pack arrived in good time, I was surprised to find that there were 6 samples inside. Even better 2 of them were grip sprays for the body and not the hands, which is perfect because I have insanely dry legs! Each bottle is labelled and looks like it contains enough for several tests. Class is tonight so I'm really looking forward to trying these out and finding my favourites!" Lizzie - 15/04/2013
Grip-Tastic! 5 product stars
"Ordering a grip sample pack was very helpful! I was given a variety of grips, that didn't cost a fortune and were plentiful. It has helped my training out massively! As well as helped my decision on which grips to buy more of!" Allyson - 05/03/2013

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