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Amazing! 5 product stars
"I bought this as I had heard so many good reviews about it and I was sick and tired of my liquid chalk making spins sound like a squeaky door hinge due to the friction of my hands on the pole! I ordered the medium one in the brown glitter but the ultra one turned up. I live in Germany and couldn't be bothered sending it back so thought I'd try it out anyway. Initially I was very unimpressed with it, I followed the directions added the distilled water to the correct level. I did about 3 squirts on my palms, waited for them to dry and found it very slippy when doing pole. One night I got so annoyed I ended up wiping it off onto my thighs and then had amazing grip after that. Basically I had been applying too much after being used to liquid chalk. 1 spray does me all pole session and I still can put some of that onto my thighs, calf, wherever the hell I need grip. I have excellent grip and absolutely love this product now. It doesn't rip my hands on the callus areas like the liquid chalk I was used to using occasionally did. Only down side I would say is that you can only see the glitter in the bottle and it all settles to the bottom. You don't see it on yourself when you spray. Overall I would highly recommend this. I have had this product for several months now and I do pole about 5 nights a week and you can hardly see that it has been used at all. Expensive initially but you more than get your moneys worth. Buy it!!!" Karleen - 03/05/2014
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