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Hydration and healing for pole-punished skin.

EMBRACE is a new skin hydrating moisturiser specially formulated for pole dancers. You can use it before pole as a grip aid because it leaves your skin hydrated and grippy - sticky not slippy. 

The 100% natural ingredients include a humectant that draws moisture from the air into your skin making it more pliable and flexible and preventing cracking, Aloe Vera - a plant extract known for its healing properties that can reduce inflammation, soreness and heal bruising and Rosa Damascena which soothes and hydrates the skin, stimulates regeneration and reduces redness.  

This clear, non-greasy spray is safe to use on all skin types, during pregnancy and before pole but is especially beneficial to dry skin.  Mild and natural - use it all over your body and face. 
If you like Dew Point Pole you'll find this product is similar. 

EMBRACE - Because you love your skin... and your pole 
  • All natural ingredients
  • Hydrating and healing
  • Shelf life up to 6 months
  • Prepared in the UK
Supplied in a 100ml spray bottle that can be carried in aircraft hand luggage so you can take it on holiday with you to keep your skin hydrated and silky smooth.

To clean your pole we recommend our natural pole cleaner POLE PREENER! Add some to your order below.
£8.99 inc. tax

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Ingredients 5 product stars
"I love the ingredients of this product. Very natural and vegan :). It is excellent as a product and really works." Lisa Kähler - 10/04/2017
Great product 5 product stars
"Use this every week for pole class. Just gives you that little extra grip on your legs. Great price and lasts for ages. Will be buying more :)" Helen Twelves - 01/03/2017
This stuff rocks! 5 product stars
"My teacher has been letting me use her embrace spray for a couple of weeks now and it has really helped with my climbs. Wouldn't use anything else now .... bought a bottle and will be advising all my mates to do the same!" Amy R - 12/03/2016
Love this stuff!! 5 product stars
"Brilliant product I tried a touch if this behind my knees, my skin is really dry and scaley there (attractive I know) not to mention slippery, instant fix with the grip issue and has improved the look of the skin where other moisturisers have failed be them pole safe or otherwise! Will defiantly buy again! Ps my skin is also very sensitive and I've had no irritation at all! Couldn't be happier! X" Penny - 20/03/2014
Love it!!! 5 product stars
"I orderd this after chatting to Laura about Dew Point, Laura recommended trying this as its cheaper and made in the UK. This is amazing skin is so solft and the grip it gives is faultless. Would recomend this to every pole dancer :-)" Laura Ellis - 29/01/2014
Soft Skin!! 5 product stars
"Finally I can have pole-safe soft skin! Really great for giving that extra little grip to legs, knee-pits and elbows. Especially good in this cold weather as it replicates the stickiness my skin has after a hard warm-up in summer." Kelda - 18/01/2014
Awesome product! 5 product stars
"I have really dry skin so i use this after my shower on my legs on pole days. It allows me to have moisturised skin and still be able to grip in pole class! Love it, thanks :)" Caitie - 26/11/2013
Must have 5 product stars
"It's must have pole grip, I spray this on my body, doesn't dry my skin & i add abit of any different grip aid if needed" Nusa - 27/10/2013
Perfect 5 product stars
"I have super dry skin and I find this spray mimics what my skin is like when warm and sweaty. Perfect for when you want grip but not too much." Bex Smith - 28/09/2013
Fabulous 5 product stars
"This really does work. Moisturises but leaves you grippy too. Fab product :)" Tracey Adcock - 15/07/2013
no more chalky mess 5 product stars
"great product, no more white hands that you need to wash 10 times over" anne - 29/05/2013
oh my 5 product stars
"I have ordered a free sample of this and i love it so much will deffo be ordering a full bottle! I have really sensitive skin so have to moisturise so im really slippy all the time and mighty grip is fine for your hands but body really doesn't work. This is amazing best grip ive tried and doesn't leave you feeling rank either as it does your skin some good:) will def be ordering a full bottle" Jasmine36 - 27/04/2013
Love this product 4 product stars
"I ordered this because I'm a Dew Point fan but it was out of stock. It's a great product, with even more stick than Dew Point! Amazing amount of pole grip!" Bexiita - 25/04/2013
i will just use this one 5 product stars
"This is it !!!! Had so an Incredible good surprise when i used it for the first time. My skin was nice and smooth AND I was not sliding on the pole. Have found my favorite product. ;)" Jennifer - 10/04/2013
Brilliant! 5 product stars
"My main problem when dancing is my legs. Until I am fully warmed up, I have no grip at all. Embrace is great. I can stick aswell as slide straight away from a "cold" pole. I ordered a sample & have just bought the full sized bottle!" Gemma - 29/03/2013
Awesome! 5 product stars
"I used this for the first time today. I suffer from really dry skin and am normally really slidey on the pole. Embrace is great. It's less greasy than dew point but twice as sticky. I managed plank and inverts even in a cold room! Fab product. Thanks :)" SallyB - 15/03/2013
Life saver! 5 product stars
"SO not only did this arrive the next day, it's seriously saved me from having to choose between dry, itchy hands and pole dancing. It stung a little when I applied it, but my skin is a little broken and my skin is quite sensitive, and I had to leave it a little longer than suggested, but when it had dried it was fantastic!" Ruth - 26/01/2013
FINALLY! 5 product stars
"I live in a climate that's freezing cold 9 months out of 12 which makes pole dancing difficult. I've been desperate to find something that helps my legs stick like they do in warmer/humid months and THIS IS IT! I am so glad to have found this stuff. I had recently started using Dew Point and liked that, but this leaves even less of a slippery residue I have found so I don't even have to wash it off my hands after I've rubbed it on my legs. I will be buying Embrace by the box-load now to help me pole through the winter! :)" Chloe - 20/12/2012
Embrace : 5 product stars
"Yep , got the free sample for this and loved it. Have ordered some more - so nice to be able to moisturise on pole days and my skin is very grateful :)" Vicky - 06/12/2012
Embrace the Embrace! 5 product stars
"Tried this recently and LOVED it, perfect for cold mornings when you don't have half an hour to spend warming up. I will definitely be buying more of this. Love the fact that it reduces redness and bruising too!" Emma - 30/11/2012

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