Carpe Anti-sweat Lotion

Carpe Anti-sweat Lotion

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Brand new anti-perspirant hand lotion for people with sweaty hands!

The most effective anti-perspirant solution ever, Carpe instantly dries your hands and keeps on working for hours, even after you wash your hands!

Carpe actually stops sweating at the source: your sweat glands. When you rub Carpe lotion in natural eucalyptus gently dries the surface of your skin, then the active ingredient aluminum sesquichlorohydate, an extremely powerful antiperspirant found in many extra-strength underarm antiperspirants, sinks in to your sweat glands, where it drastically reduces their activity by up to 60%. The more often you use it, the more effective it becomes.

Carpe has already received rave reviews from numerous sufferers of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).
Best for people with sweaty hands. Apply to your hands and allow to dry to keep your hands free from sweat.  

Carpe can also be used on other body parts, will not transfer to your pole or clothing and is suitable for vegans.

This 40ml tube should last around 1-2 months and is a compact size to keep in your pole bag, handbag or pocket and is easy to apply in seconds.

We recommend that you keep 2 or 3 different types of grip in your pole bag as your skin will change according to the weather conditions and type of pole you're dancing on.  Try Dew Point or Embrace for dry skin, Stickum for extra secure grip and Dirty Girl Poletice for very sweaty hands.

For cleaning your pole we recommend our natural cleaner POLE PREENER! Add some to your order below.

Click here to purchase a sample pack of 5 different grip aids so you can test them all.
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Customer Reviews

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Very effective 5 product stars
"I use it before pole class, not every day, and I like it very much, will keep using it." Albena Krasteva - 31/03/2017
Worth a try 2 product stars
"The product is worth a try, but for me, unfortunatelly it is not the best grip aid I have tried. I guess it depends on a person. I'll keep using it though to find how it works best :-)" Jasna - 15/03/2016
The Best Ever 5 product stars
"Carpe is my new go to for keeping my palms dry. It's definitely the best and most efective anti sweat remedy I've ever tried. I'll be ordering this by the bucketload as the more I useit the better it is." Karen - 14/03/2016

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