Pole Grip Aids

Whatever your favourite grip is you'll find it here at a great price and dispatched the same day so you won't run out.
We won't keep you waiting (unlike the slow second class delivery offered by other websites).
Whether your hands are sweaty or dry we've got the best grip to suit you or try our grip sample pack of 5 different products so you can try before you buy. 


Best for sweaty hands : Carpe Lotion, Girlie Grip, Dry Hands, Liquid Grip (contains chalk), Gorilla Snot, Pole Honey or Dirty Girl Poletice
For hands that are NOT sweaty try a sticky product like : Mighty Grip, iTac2, Gorilla Gold, Gorilla Snot, Pole Honey or Stickum.
Best for dry skin : Embrace or Dew Point Pole to use on your body - usually not your hands.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR NEW GRIP GUIDE TABLE! Includes details of which products are suitable for vegans.

We recommend you keep a variety of different products in your bag or studio so you can use different grips to match the weather or your skin conditions so we're the only company to offer you a grip sample pack so you can try out a wide range of products.
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