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Dry Hands is one of the most popular grip products available, this comes in liquid form in a 2 fl oz / 59ml flip-top bottle.  For a box of 12 to re-sell in your studio click here.

Best for people with sweaty hands. Apply to your hands and allow to dry to repel water and keep your hands sweat free.  Can also be used on other body parts. Washes off easily with soap and water and will not transfer to your pole or clothing

Top pole dancers from around the world love Dry Hands.
Michelle Shimmy, runner up in 2012 Miss Pole Dance Australia says "I love Dry Hands and I would inject it if I could, ha ha!"

Self-confessed Dry Hands junkie Carlie Hunter who won the Australian Capital Pole Championships in 2012 says "Managed to do a segment today in the rain thanks to my Dry Hands! That stuff has gotten me through 20 shows , rehearsals , a world championship and an Australian Championship! I would have been dying without it!"

We recommend that you keep 2 or 3 different types of grip in your pole bag as your skin will change according to the weather conditions and type of pole you're dancing on.  Try Dew Point or Embrace for dry skin, Stickum for extra secure grip and Dirty Girl Poletice for very sweaty hands.

For cleaning your pole we recommend our natural cleaner POLE PREENER! Add some to your order below.

Click here to purchase a sample pack of 5 different grip aids so you can test them all.
£8.99 inc. tax

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Dry hands 5 product stars
"I always use dry hands and most of my students do too. I have tried a few different brands but always come back to dry hands." Carla stoker - 30/03/2017
My go-to grip aid 5 product stars
"I only need a little bit of Dry Hands solution so these little bottles last a long time. It effectively gets rid of perspiration so I don't slide off the pole! Can be re-applied as needed, doesn't leave white marks everywhere, and wipes off the pole easily. Also, as the stuff is not actually sticky, I find I can still spin with Dry Hands on." Becky - 01/11/2016
Sweaty Betty 5 product stars
"its true, I get really sweaty hands! I struggled with this a lot when i first started pole, so frustrating that I could never stick to anything! I use dry hands all the time now, and pretty much swear by it! I dont need a lot, and it lasts me a long time too! This is the cheapest I have found it, and that includes postage, and it is ALWAYS a quick delivery so Im not left without for long!" Ria Hawkins - 23/02/2016
my favourite 5 product stars
"Thisis my favourite grip. I find it very useful and it helps me to have better performances on the pole!" Myriam - 20/01/2016
Very Sweaty Hands 4 product stars
"I bought this with very high hopes because I am very sweaty!! It didn't stop sweat completely but it meant I could use other grips such as dry chalk more effectively which I'd normally need to keep re-applying. I'm quite an unusual case and if I've noticed an improvement it must be doing something right." Rachael B - 05/06/2014
Great Product! 5 product stars
"Great product! and great service from everything pole dancing!" lyndsey - 21/03/2014
Love, Love, LOVE 5 product stars
"Love dry hands - keeps me poling for ages. Quick delivery, good service - all good. Thank you will definitely buy more products from here." George - 30/10/2013
very good ! 5 product stars
"i use dry hands in combination with itac 2 and the result is amazing ! before that i couldn't pole more as 15 minutes no i can more as an hour !" DASKE Ariel - 21/10/2013
Love it 5 product stars
"I wouldn't be without dry hands. It's fab for sweaty, slippery hands. I'll continually make sure I've always got a bottle :)" Tracey Adcock - 25/06/2013
Perfect "winter" grip 5 product stars
"I love this grip, because it does not leave white layer on your hands like liquid chalk, but it gives you so much grip. It is tacky but not to much no to allow you spinning. I completely recommend this one!" Lucinka - 05/03/2013

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